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    Myriad Network - 6 Month Review

    I've been with Myriad Network 6 months now and just thought I'd post a quick review.

    I was a little hesitant when I first signed up because I was moving my sites from clook (which is a relatively large and established company) to one I had never really heard of before and one where I could only find 1 or 2 reviews on the boards.

    I decided to make the jump as I was consistently having email issues with clook and figured I had nothing to lose. The owner of Myriad (Thomas Peterson) was very helpful from the start and helped get all my accounts transfered over and even gave me a call to walk through a couple of accounts on the phone with him.

    Since then support has been top notch. Tickets are always answered within 10 minutes or so and the staff are super friendly and helpful with (sometimes stupid) questions I have.

    The server has only been down a couple times since I've been with them as well... and both times were for scheduled maintenance and I was given a couple weeks of notice before each one. It's been really nice not having to think about email and uptime issues anymore.

    On 3 of my previous servers (with previous hosts) I ran into the same bug (cpanel accounts) where my clients ftp accounts would be erased out of the blue. The folder structure and contents remained, but the usernames and passwords were all wiped out. I told Thomas about this and he said he had heard of this before and that he would use a different setting so that it wouldn't happen again. So far so good.

    Anyway... I've been super happy with Myriad and totally recommend them. If you have any questions fire away, I'd be happy to answer what I can.

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    Nice to hear a good, solid, review about a provider. Is "" the website you host with Myriad? Hope you cotinue to have a great a experience with your provider.

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    thank you for that review, i might think about moving my stuff to Myriad

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    yup... 31three is my business site, you can see some of the sites that I have hosted with myriad in my portfolio.

    Don, if you want to ask any more questions just let me know... I know how tough it can be to find a good host.

    - Jesse BC

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