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    Network Solutions DNS servers are down!

    This is unbeliavable! Network Solutions DNS servers have been down for a serious while, and hence my domain is down (e-mail, http, etc.)

    The funniest thing is I called them and asked what is going on, and was told that they are having problems and trying to fix it.

    And, I asked so what happens to all e-mails sent to my domains, I will be loosing all of them, etc. And, she said, DNS servers will save them and forward them once they are up!!! At that point, I had nothing to say and just hung up the phone.

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    i wonder how come they dont have backup DNS somewhere else!
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    I just called - - was told this was caused by a system upgrade -- and it might be fixed by morning. 10 hours ago, I was told it should be up shortly


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