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    * Drag drop site creator: Unique site builder for Web hosting, install it for $99 only

    <<<<Drag drop site creator >>>>

    Starting at $15 for the ASP version.
    Starting at $99 for the Download version.

    SQLFusion is offering a new version of its online site builder, Drag drop site creator < > for webhosting companies.

    About Drag drop site creator :

    It is an advanced online website builder which can bring your hosting company new customers - especially small and medium-size businesses - with its unique features.

    Drag drop site creator will change the way your customers create and maintain websites.

    Benefits to you as a web host:

    * Add value to your hosting with an exclusive product, the Drag drop site creator
    * It is completely rebrandable. We can help you customize it
    * Drag drop site creator will raise the interest from small and med-size businesses looking for a website builder with which then can create customized, rich and evolutive websites. All they need is a web browser. Moving windows in their operating systems is the only skill they need to know... and they are ready to go!
    * There are dozens of easy to use addons as E-commerce, Blogs, RSS feeds aggregator, Photo Galleries, Ad banner manager, etc,... which will help you differentiate your offer from other web hosting companies
    * Automatized Control Panel. Easy to use interface to manage your users accounts.
    * Our commitement to provide perfect support for our customers. We have 6 year expertise in providing support to Fortune 500 companies.

    Benefits to your customers:

    * Drag drop site creator is perfect for none technical users.
    * It allows real time collaboration in creating websites. Any team member can now work on the project... using nothing more than their web browser.
    * Your customer can modify the backend of websites they create. No programming skill is needed. Indeed Drag and Drop Site creator offers MySQL content administration, for end users to create database forms and reports and modify the database content.
    * Drag drop site creator makes open source technologies accessible to none technical users. Anybody can integrate scripts (open source applications) through the Drag and Drop Site manager in a click. You customer can for instance install a forum, a blog or a livechat to her website in a simple click and all of this for free.

    This is only a very brief list of features and benefits available. There are many more exciting features you can find in our online web site builder for Web hosting companies. Find more on <>
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    ------> Innovative online site builder for Web hosting
    ------> An imaginative way to build the web

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