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    Billing non-hosting customers


    I've searched around but don't see an answer to this...

    Do you know of a order/billing manager that will provide for the signup and billing management of non-hosting customers alongside hosting customers? In other words, if a customer didn't want hosting from you, but wanted something else you sell (and bill on a recurring basis), is there a billing manager that will handle that?

    I want a signup routine, similar to what WHMAP and MB provide, where the new customer can be taken through steps and choose addons and upgrades to fit their specific needs during the signup process. I need the same system to be able to accomodate both types of customers though, the hosting and the non-hosting.

    WHMAP will do this in upcoming version 3, but I don't want to wait if I don't have to. Do you have any recommendations.

    Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
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    Hello Bravelion,

    You can accomplish what you are looking for with H-SPhere. You have the ability to configure and account - lets call it "consulting" - where you allocate zero resources, zero domain options and simply set a price and billing period.

    Additionally, with every "account" you signup, you have the ability to add additional recurring or 1 time services (charges) as required.

    Hope this helps...

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    You can redirect non hosting customers to a shopping cart like oscommerce or use the shopping cart provided by payment gateway like 2co. 2co shopping cart will allow you to setup recurring products while you can setup Modernbill for hosting customers.

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    ModernBill can handle this as well. It is a bit of a slug to get setup, but you'll be happy with it once it is finely tuned, a Digitally Justified Company
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