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    the initial start

    Hello, I am fairly new to this whole buisness. Since I started researching, I have found that alot of companies use low end hardware to run there buisnesses.
    My Example of Low End:
    Anything under Xeon or Opteron

    I am in the process of making a design and have the necessary funds to start. Can anyone help me on making some decisions?

    Should I go with a Dual Xeon/ Dual Opteron or a lower end processor?

    Does webhosting rely on alot of ram?

    Also, I know this isnt the right forum for this question but what the hell ,

    How much do webhosting tech's make (average)?

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    I would actually classify Celeron as low end, P4/Athlon XP as midrange, and Xeon/Opteron as High-End.

    We can't really tell you how to go, you need to decide that for yourself, as you should cover that in your business plan. (You have a business plan, right?)

    If you have a business plan, that will answer your question, along with your questions on how much to charge, what your profit points will be, etc.

    Personally, I refuse to use anything less than P4/AthlonXP, and any new servers I buy for co-location will be Xeon, Dual capable.

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    If you are looking for a high-end server to run your business, I would recommend you find a reseller account with the specs you are looking for. It is much more cost effective to use someone else's server with great hardware in the startup stage as compared to getting your own.

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    My suggestion would be start off with what you can afford and if you have to choose a slower cpu server at a better provider or a higher end cpu server at a crappy provider start out with the lower end model and upgrade as needed.

    Obviously if money is not a problem start out with a nice dual xeon box but when starting out sometimes it is easier to get a nice $199 P4 or even less cost Celeron then it is to spend $399/mo on a blazing fast Dual Xeon - I know it was for me.

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    Unless your website is going to be very powerful I would not get a dual xeon or opteron. I also concur with amish_geek that a xeon and opteron is consider a high end server. And on that same note, I agree that you shouldn't get below a mid range server, unless you are really just starting out and you plan on moving up slowly.

    On a similar note, if you are starting up, do you know how to run a server? Do you have someone who will run it for you? Are you planning on running your shared server as the same server you run your site?

    I would probably look into getting a reseller account for starters and then move my way up. Need more info to make a real suggestion though.
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    you don't really need a powerful server to get you start...just go with your budget. even with a low end server, you can still be a good host.

    remeber to watch your server usage and when you get more customers, upgrade to a better one and slowly move them over.

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    Give starting with a reseller accounts a thought.

    With, you can have more reseller accounts spread out across many servers. Find a host that uses Dual Xeons if that's what you want
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    I am looking into starting up my own hosting company for the first time. I have been involved in helping run them, I have never started one myself though.

    Right now I have a Dual Xeon 2.8ghz just sitting around with Windows 2003 Server on it. I am thinking about formatting and installing RedHat Enterprise 3 with cPanel/Fantastico.

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    I'd go with a good quality reseller account and then upgrade to a good server later on. I would rather than just looking at the CPU to look at redundancy and overall quality. A XEON CPU combined with crappy hardware and no RAID is not worth a dime in my eyes. It's like buying a V8 engine and to put it into a Kia.

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    Yeah like the other suggestions, start off with a reseller account and learn the ropes.

    Then once you have a customer base that justifies you going the ded. server route, then explore that channel.

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