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    Rokland and Alwayswebhosting


    I just wanted to give everyone one a bit of a warning. So here are the facts and nothing but the facts.

    We originally hosted all of our websites through Rokland hosting. They had great service and took care of any problems that we had really quickly. Then we got an email stating they had been bought out buy Always Web Hosting. We decided to stick around and see what would happen.

    At first there were some small problems, but also some improvements. However the main problem was contacting any one when there was a problem. Most of the time we never did get a response. Then we got an email that said that our websites would be moved to a new server, because the old one from Rokland was unstable, and beyond repair. After the move to the new server all our SSL was down. When we requested the problem fixed we got an email stating that the problem could not be fixed. Then Friday night about 10 pm we get another email stating that they are going to be discontinuing reseller hosting for a few months. They gave us 5 days to get everything moved, 3 days later their DNS went down for all of our websites, on their server.

    We are now using Host Gator and things are awesome. I would highly recommend Host Gator if you want to become a reseller.

    Richie Schut

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    Sorry to hear about the problems that occured, sounds like Always Web Hosting isn't a very stable company and it is good that you came and let people know.

    Good to hear you are happy with Host Gator. Good luck.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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