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Thread: Alt Stats?

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    Alt Stats?

    Besides the stats that come with Cpanel what else out there is good? I am looking for something that my clients can view without logging into Cpanel. I would also like something that gives me reports about visitors screen and color settings. The other feature that is important is to export the stats to pdf or other printer friendly format. These stats may need to be printed in a marketing report frequently. And the last thing I need is for the stats to look graphically neat and clean, to improve client’s perception of our services.

    Does anyone know of anything like that?

    Richie Schut

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    There are tons of solutions. The best ones are usually ones that require a tiny piece of code to be added to all web pages. Then they track just about anything you could ever imagine.

    Statcounter is a freebie while there are plenty of other great paid solutions.

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    We have access to all websites that would need this. I think we would just use an include to put it on all the pages.

    Do you know of any other open source or freebies.


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