For a limited time only Citel Networks is offering a spring special!

For only $55 USD we will secure your FreeBSD or Linux box with the following done:

- Kernel upgrade
- Let compiler and fetch utilities be accesible by root only
- Fix up folder permissions properly
- Install and configure logwatch to send strict daily reports
- Fix up host.conf and perform sysctl hardening for basic protection
- Fix up /dev/shm, /tmp, /var/tmp to help prevent malicious scripts from being ran
- Setup chkrootkit for rootkit checkup's every night
- Setup rkhunter for rootkit checkup's every night
- Setup time synchronization software
- Setup a packet filtering firewall (ipf for FreeBSD, iptables/apf for Linux)
- Secure your PHP installation with disabling some functions
- Setup BFD to automatically firewall out users bruteforcing your box
- Update your control panel and its appropriate software
- Shutdown of useless services
- Harden your SSH and any other server daemons
- Removal of users and groups not required
- Removal of RPMS not required
- Installation of Samhain to report possible system tamperings
- Install mod_dosevasive to help handle DDoS pointed towards Apache
- Install mod_security to help prevent attacks towards Apache
- Setup SpamAssassin and ClamAV on your mailservers to filter out virii and spam

If you are interested shove an e-mail over to [email protected]

We currently accept PayPal only. May you all have a nice day