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Thread: Legal terms

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    Legal terms

    What would be the benefits of having your own tos, aup drawn up versus using the terms etc. set by the supplier of your servers, making the assumption that they are ok with this modified re use?

    I've looked at the likes of etc with interest.

    I'm also wondering how the terms might differ if you are based in the UK with your server provider being based in US, as I'm assuming the laws and customer rights might be different relating to the country your business is based in? Following on from this how might those also be affected with the thought in mind you might actually be providing services to customers from a range of countries.

    Just some thoughts, anyone got any input?

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    Every state and country have different rules and laws. Make sure your TOS complies with those laws. Don't just take any legal document and start using it. Lawyers charge for such services because it's important to make sure it works for your business and your location.
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