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    VHCS experiences


    looking for a free control panel on this forum VHCS was mentioned lot of time. It looks really nice and it gives enough functionality for me.
    Does anybody use it for a long time to give some real life experience? Especially stability and security point of view.


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    It works great on debian, only thing is if someone uses a upload script say an image gallery, they can go way above their space given, also if you give a client say 2000mb bandwidth they can go over it and their site will not be suspended. I was talking to them about this, i hope they fix these 2 things, i guess you could charge them extra for the extra bandwidth/space they use... Also they can not upload anymore till some stuff is deleted off of the ftp because they have quotas for the ftp but not http.

    Vhcs seems to not have many bugs, they are making scripts that will go with it, i rate it 10:10 because its one of the best free control panels out...

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    Quota is a main problem, there is no email quota except for the web mail. Anyone found a solution to that?

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