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Thread: /tmp at 100%

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    Angry /tmp at 100%

    This has always made me a tad bit angry.

    When the /tmp drive gets full, bad things tend to happen.

    Being that this is a temporary drive, I would have thought the OS would clear-out all non-locked files as the drive approached 100%, and then forceably killed files if it reached 100%.

    Is that expecting too much from a modern OS?

    Maybe I am just annoyed that my forums have gone down

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    is the /tmp is in a seperate partition ?

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    For security purposes, /tmp should be mounted in a separate partition from the other areas.

    That stated, if /tmp is a pseudo partition, then look at expanding it.

    In any event, you do need to keep a watch on what goes into /tmp to ensure it does not go over 95% (100% is the dead mark, but give yourself some room).

    Thank you.
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    Run tmpwatch on cron. This is not a problem with the OS but your setting. If you find that you are not having enough space, lower the aging of the files. tmpwatch can kill all files that are of a certain age.

    However to do this, make sure you do not set your /tmp partition to the noatime flag.
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