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    NewBie's 3 web-site hosting questions

    Hi Friends,
    This is my first post....i hope you guys would help me out.Everytime,I go for an interview they ask me to show something online and i failed and didnt got the job.So,finally i've decided that i would make a website to put my knowledge into use.I am thinking of making a website using JSP,Java Script and Servlets,but here are few web-site concepts that i need to know:

    1.I want to have like 5-10 database tables,from where the website uploads data.So,when i would upload this site on net,do i need to have some dedicated database servers or just packing these tables with my other files and uploading them would serve my purpose.

    2.If I make a website,for eg would like to have 5-10 e-mails like [email protected],but i want to redirect them to my hotmail or yahoo email idd,so that i dont have to encapsulate e-mail logic into my website.

    3.Finally,which is the nest host for hosting java based websites?

    Any help would be really appreciated by this newbie,who's trying hard to do something..thanks

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    I'll answer your questions as best I can:

    1. Hopefully mySQL will work for your dB needs. It's pretty standard for most web hosts to offer a user the ability to use at least one mySQL dB. Many have no limits (except obvious resource limits). Sounds like you have multiple tables for a single dB. Should not be a problem at all for most web hosting packages. You don't need to run your own server, they have the server at the web host.

    2. Web hosts allow multiple number of e-mail addresses to be established. You have the choice of setting them up as POP3 accounts so your mail is stored at the host and you download from your client or you can set up aliasing or forwarding rules, as you desire, so that inbound messages destined for [email protected] go to your yahoo account. Very simple to set up and manage.

    3. There is no real "best" company and I would get flamed by others for saying one is best. If you want an opinion on a good choice (and I could list many) then I'd say you'd be happy with
    WebsiteMaven - Web Hosting Reviews, Guides, and Advice to Build and Promote your Web Site

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    Thanks Devildog,
    As per your guidance....i should work-out the website first and then search for an appropriate host that would provide me the database space and some e-mail idd's.If you say they provide space for MySQL d/b..i am sure i would get some host that provides space for PointBase or MSAccess too..on which i am workin on rite now.Thanks for your help.

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    Should not be any problem to find hosting companies with your needs in the WHT offer forum section. But if you are using asp as server script then you will need Windows server. Php will work on both Unix and Windows. You should ask the hosting company if java is supported.

    Good luck to you

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    A shortlist of good hosts is impractical but can include

    tera-byte, axishost, site5, hostpc,, rochen

    they offer good reasonable price, space , transfer and support.

    a very cheap , no frills ( only paypal payment ) for very small needs -

    for javabased needs you need to define your java requirements first, ask the hosts whether they have those and then choose

    you can visit the javalobby - they probably provide a basic a/c free if you are a java hobbist or developer

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    Thanks lasse and mahut,
    I was in doubt thinkin about these questions all night..and the first thing i did this morning was posted them on this site..and i feel pretty relaxed now .... after having all those useful tips and host names from you guys in a matter of few secs..thanks again.

    p.sometimes i wonder how did the world exist before internet forums were in use...lolz

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    there was no hosting needs then

    good old radio and tv lots of "space", unlimited in fact to oyur mind ....

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