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    how can i change the preimssion 700

    hello everybody
    when i try to enter a backup folder in my website by SSH I get this massege " preimssion denied "

    i try to change a preimssion 700 to 755 maybe it will helpful for that but no way .
    I get this massege "chmod: changing permissions of `backup': Operation not permitted ".

    i think just the root admin can change that .

    please if you have any support dont forget me

    thank you so much and have a good day.

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    there is no other way to change permission without log in as root, unfortunately

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    I'd Suggest asking your host to do this, they should do it
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    Thank you staff
    i told the root admin and he fix the problem.

    thank you iNex & GroveStreetNetworks for your help.

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