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Thread: reseller hosts?

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    reseller hosts?

    most of these web hosting websites are about they same. they would boast how big their company are and how cheap and reasonable their hosting plans are.

    be it a reseller, a VPS, a dedicated server or whatever, its really hard to tell who is who.

    what are some of the things which would usually make you suspect or think that a particular host is actually using a reseller account to do their hosting?

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    You can look for the DNS look-up for that web-site and you can get the DNS records for that domain over there. It will mention some really very important details for there server. You can try the following link for that may be:-

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    Depending on your hosting needs it mght not matter if a provider is based on a reseller account, VPS or dedicated server. I know many resellers that make a large amount of money and provide a type of service that the big boys would envy.

    But you're right in one respect. Many hosting sites boast the same thing yet provide very vague info or details about the actual company itself. I think it's easy to gauge the size of some hosts via the amount of members, posts and threads on their forum and server count on their network page(s). If you really want to know the size of a host, just post their URL and some enterprising chaps here will go digging and tell how all sorts of info from the size, technical level to what the owner had for breakfast this morning.
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    I agree with Laurence.
    The only thing that would worry me about a reseller is that they are dependant on someone else to keep your site going.

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    I own a reseller account through Site5 and don't sell web hosting services to others. I used the DNS lookup tool provided for the domain I use for nameserver info and it returned:

    ns1-azure.webse****.com. [no glue provided] [TTL=14400]
    ns2-azure.webse****.com.[] [TTL=14400]

    I guess you would need to know that my domain that the domain above are not owned by the same people. The fact that they're different would always give it away obviously.

    This is interesting. I like the idea of checking the host's forums. This forum is good too especially if nobody has ever heard of them.

    I'm personally a little ambivalent about who controls the servers as long as the folks they have doing it do a good job. Good datacenters are not cheap and I'd rather have the servers in a secure facility with good power backup and redundant systems then have a server set up in some guy's house just so I feel good that I'm not paying a reseller. If the reseller is reselling a good product and supports his customers well I don't personally have a problem with that.
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    i am fine with resellers too actually but what worries me most is that after all, like what blue said, he/she is dependant on someone else to keep their service and your site going.

    they may provide excellent service, with really good passion to keep their hosting service going but they still can't do anything if their upstream shuts down or have lots of trouble with the server.

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