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    Question stealing domains?

    I registered my domain with about a year ago - 3/9/2004 to be exact. It expired this year and I did not get renewal notice. Whois shows that it is registered to and will expire in 2006. I contacted them and they told me to add funds to my account and they will renew it. I did and then contacted them again. The next email I got was the following:

    Unfortunately, this domain is in a redemption period. In order to re-instate the domain in this phase, there is a $200.00 fee plus $8.88 to renew. It is the Registry's fee, not ours.

    The owner of a domain has a non-guaranteed grace period of aprox. 25-35 days after the expiration date to renew the domain at the regular domain rate. If the domain is not renewed, the domain will be deleted from our database and it is transfered to a "redemption period" at the Registry for aprox. 25-30 days. If the domain is not re-instated in this phase, then the domain is released to the public by the Registry and becomes available aprox.75 days after the expiration date.

    Irma g.
    I asked them why is it registered to namecheap and expires in 2006. And the answer was:

    It shows that date because the domain is still restorable. Once the status changes to


    then it will show the true expiration date and you will need to wait until it is released to the public by the Registry.

    Irma g.
    Am I getting misinformed or that's how things work these days?

    Thanks for your time
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    They're not stealing the domain. You should have renewed it before it got into the costly phase.

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    That is correct what P2T said is true. Just to clear the facts any registered domain when expired client loses its lease and domain is occupied by the domain registrar.

    After expiration domain completes its expired period that is around 30 days and in this period client can renew domain with usual cost. If client is unable to renew domain in this period domain then falls in Redemption & Grace period and domain restoration fee is increased by registry.

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    Maybe until your sure it was not your fault, any "stealing" allegations may not be the best word to use.


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    An additional FYI, pcman: the registry of the domain name will
    auto-renew it for one year and charge the registrar for it. The
    registrar will then attempt to get a renewal payment.

    If unsuccessful, they'll eventually tell the Registry to delete it. The
    Registry will subsequently refund the registrar for the auto-renew.

    In this case it's a little complex, though: namecheap's a reseller
    for a registrar. You get the idea. (I hope)

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    Thank you for all your comments. I was wrong, but you can imagine how frustrated I got when I wrote them email and never received a reply after I was told to add funds to my account by one of their representatives. Plus, until yesterday the domain pointed to one of those search pages. Can you blame me?
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    more info about domain life cycle
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    did it really take you two months to realize you didnt own it anymore?
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    Tough luck man, but thats the way it is...

    Personally I always get emails from them months before it expires.

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    Maybe the email notification got into the SPAM folder of your email program.
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