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    * Newbie needs advice

    Well, I don't own a hosting company nor have a started hosting business, but I have a reseller. So where the heck do I go to advertise? Where can I get noticed? Here are all the resellers being drowned out a big companies and such, were do I go?

    EDIT: Ok, let me re-phrase. Are there any communities for resellers or are we just stuck in the middle of no-one-wants-to-be-hosted land? I'm not offereing reseller plans, nor am I a free host. O_O
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    Advertising is definitely the key. The online community may be a little crowded especially here but you could always try posting in the advertising forums what you have to offer. No guarantee that would bring you sales but it is free.

    One key is to look for a target audience and a good place to start would be within your own town, country or corner of the world. You could target the local businesses and if you are still in school then maybe fellow students. Go out and let them know you do web hosting. If you can post flyers or something, do so. Do a little leg work and that can do you wonders.

    If you are good at web design then that can be a bonus too. There are two groups of people who need web hosting, one is the group who wants everything cheap because they can do the design themselves and the other group who wants to be on the web but do not know the first thing about web design. The later group is a large untap market and if you provide a full fledge cradle to grave service, you can get some good margins off those.

    Technically speaking, that's what I am doing. I don't need to compete with those offering web hosting for $1.99/mth and I can make tons more by doing some work. Even if you do know how know to do design work, you could look for a partner who could do so or sub contract work that way.

    Hope that would give you some idea as to how to proceed.

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    Advertising is a big challenge. You will need to make some special researches upon some things so that you are aware of the facts that form the part of the online advertisement. There is no guarantee that after all this you will find a difference in the sales figures. But that is all advised to you by me.

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    I think eddy hit the nail on the head. I'm not a web host but the question is how do you get people to come to you among the 1 billion web pages on the net.

    Frontal assaults may prove ineffective. Try and dominate in different niches and attack the problem sideways. You may be able to get some customers via direct PPC advertising for just web hosting but you might do better collecting customers more slowly in semi-obscure categories.
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    Some good points were made. Along the lines of what Eddy mentioned, often times you can contact local webdesigners(if you're not into webdesign yourself, or just don't want to deal with it), and setup a referal system. When they design a site, resell the hosting for the site. And when you come upon the "cradel to the grave" customers with no site knowledge, you refer them to the web designer, who can design the site to which you'd resell the hosting for. This is of course, one venue of several options you can persue.
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