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    just new at this side of the biz

    i havent done anything in the net in about 3 years but my friend approached me about constructing a site for his budding buisness. i figgure i need to get a name for him and find someone to host it eh? how should i go about it, it seems there is a bit more than i remember to all of this. waht steps should i take and who shoud i go to for hosting and name regestration?
    thanks for any help.

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    You can look at the various forums over here. You can take a look around the advertisement forum as well as the domain registration forums too. You can select the various plans offered by various hosts under the advertisement forums.

    You can also place a quote for your need at the following link:-

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    The steps that you should take :

    1. Register a new domain (eg. Enom, GoDaddy or etc)
    2. Get a hosting plan from a provider you are comfortable with.
    3. Change the DNS to reflect the server's DNS.
    4. Configure all the emails and what not.
    5. Design the site and upload it.
    6. Your're DONE!

    Hope this helps!
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