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    restore Mysql database without use phpMyAdmin

    I got backup from my database via phpmyadmin but It doesn't possible restore by phpmyadmin .

    Could send me a script for restore database ?

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    do a search on the forums about restore it by ssh if you have an access to it

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    My backup file in server . I want to restore it without download it !

    my backup file size is 51Mb .

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    Check out this thread, it's got all you need to do to recover your mysql database WITHOUT using phpmyadmin.
    With that large of a datbase, you'd probably never get it to work with phpmy anyways, too big
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    Use the mysql command line client.

    ~> mysql -u<username> -p<password> <database_name>
    mysql> source /path/to/your.sql

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    thanks for your help :d

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    My database doesn't restore correctly !!!

    encode of my file backup is UTF-8 and it doesn't show my data corectly in my website .
    What should I do ?
    you can check my website :

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