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    Controlling 2 servers from 1 is it possible

    Hi im looking at running 2 servers but what i realy want to know at moment is this.

    Is it possible to be able to control both of the servers from the one control panel so everything needing done can be run from the 1 server instead of having to go back and forth to both servers. IE back ups reboots realy looking for full control over both from the one. Although reboots can be done through putty im sure well i think i am.

    Ive done the search part and came up blank im sure there some sort of software out there that does it. Both servers will be running with cpanel if that helps.


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    Is it possible to control both servers from one server? Not without heavy configuration, and even then, it's not going to be possible to FULLY do everything.

    DNS clustering can easily be done on the servers, it's quite simple to do through CPanel, actually, and you can put mysql on one and web on another, but there's really not a lot you can do to "control" both servers as it were.
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    Thanks for response i had to ask.

    There goes that idea cheers

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    Great idea, bairdoid! Thanks a lot...

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    Well if you are using SSH to access one of the server, you can always use that server to ssh to the 2nd server if you want.

    But that's no different from opening a second window for your ssh client.

    End of the day, there's always the problem of privileges and security. allowing 1 server to remotely control another, like it's own has a lot of security implications.
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    can we install some software on the 2 servers..

    and from a remote pc we send some commands.. ?

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