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    microtech services

    ok, according to other people who know better on these forums, i can't expect email on a web host that i pay for to be reliable. although i find that hard to believe, i'll accept it. what about microtech's mail backup services? would it be worth paying for those and netmon?

    i used to run mail backup when i hosted my own server off a dsl line and they were indispensable for when it went down (like when i went to hawaii and sbc decided to do work in the frame and nudged my connection, thereby hosing both my dsl line and my home phone line... now you try and call sbc when you get home and have no internet access and no land line... after all 611 on a cell phone gets you your cell provider... fun! but that's another story) which was all too often.

    does anybody else use these? any thoughts?

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    Re: microtech services

    Originally posted by friendship7
    ...does anybody else use these? any thoughts?
    An interesting product. I guess you would need whoever is doing MX records for your hosting account have to agree to add extra records for this service too. It does occur to me, however, that if the mail server is down there might be a problem with the DNS too (not necessarily but if it's a switch or router or DOS attack they both could be) and you'll not get your e-mail either way.

    I guess I'm pretty happy with the reliability of my mail through my web host. It's more reliable than the e-mail I get from the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) through EDS and those e-mails are more mission critical than any personal or business e-mails I get.
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