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    .com get 900+ unique hits per month
    .net get 650+ unique hits per month

    PM me for offers but i prefer AIM (n000bie01) or MSN ([email protected]) those 2 are alot faster. thx!

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    to add to the thread.
    I am NOT looking for high prices, so just offer what you think is reasonable and affordable

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    I will put up a price have over 1500 unique hits for this month and is still going higher (around 100-150 a day) have over 1100 unique hits and still going up (around 50 a day)

    these 2 domain names is registered though name alerts and will expire on 2nd of January 2006. Alot can be done with the site to further improve on their hits (.com have over 10,000hit already)

    I will be willing to sell both these domain for a mid-high $xxx so please offer

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