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    Quoting Projects

    Hey all! I have been programing web projects (PHP, ASP, .NET etc) for several years but sometimes I feel as though I am underquoting the number of hours and in some instances I feel like I'm overquoting.

    Does anyone have a good way to estimate the number of hours for web development?


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    I find it nearly impossible to predict the exact time necessary for most projects. So when I do hourly work I always give a 'best case' and 'worst case' scenario price to clients.

    The 'best case' price is the lowest amount I can happily work for. The worst case price is insurance that I don't underquote and hate myself for not asking a higher amount. This gives me lots of freedom to stop worrying about my quotes.

    As for overquoting... well, TBH I rarely complain to the client when they pay me more than the time required. However if this is a constant/important problem for you, then just give back whatever amount they paid more than was required.

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