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    Question Reseller that hosts adult content

    I am looking for a cheap reseller that will allow adult content. Does anyone know of a good cheap one? I thought that I would give webhosting a try. Thanks


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    um i know a few but i cannot post their names on here....
    if you realy need one and no1 else replys pm me and ill send you a link
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    You're setting yourself up for trouble when you prioritize cheap over reliability, service and value. If you can not afford quality then you should find a way to. You can not compete sucessfully on price without self destructing.

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    Re: Reseller that hosts adult content

    Originally posted by teresap
    adult content. ... a good cheap one?
    Although I've no 'adult content' to need one, some years back when searching for hosting (and being on a budget) I came across which has a number of search criteria, and shows how charges are built up based on traffic and space offered etc.

    I have no association with the site - I just checked and it is there - but the reason I mention it is that for an adult site, you might be 'hit' by excessive fees if they have some nasty policy on charging depending on 'hits' in some complex formula (aimed to cause the site owner most grief)... Of course any adult site could have traffic go 'through the roof' once search engines and users find it... fine if they are paying customers but awkward when lots of visitors will be simply 'window shopping'.

    Anyway, you might find it worth spending time with your webmaster (or digging around sites like / ) to find details out about the hosting services of sites in this sector... so you can maybe find some bargains... There are probably a load of dedicated specialists (webmasters) who could give advice on hosting, and hopefully they will be willing to give some tips for free!

    Also, check how good your connection to services are, using something like Traceroute or PingPlotter - you may also see if visitos are hitting an overloaded service (there might be some nasty peaks - slow responses - if the web server is overworked when responding to pings from PingPlotter). When using PingPlotter you should make sure the pings are no more frequent than say every 15 or 30 seconds... it is a bit 'anti-social' to be splattering servers or routers with 'test' traffic.

    Sorry, don't know how much technical know-how you have so apologies if you have been researching, and my comments are 'old news'!

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