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    Do not use registerfly/expirefly

    The service they provide is absolutely appalling. I'll take you through the story first so this isnt just another aimless ramble. Ok, first off, I own an account at registerfly whom I (unfortunately) hold 8 domain names with. I thought up to the current stage they were up to par, I'd never needed to use support.

    So I quite happily funded my account in order to use their backorder service which I thought tied into the site itself. Dont be silly.. that'd be too easy. Instead I put a back-order on a domain I was after, thinking everything was all done and dusted after they confirmed it was processed I left it a couple days and came back. The domain itself was still pendingdelete but I decided to delve a little deeper. I could find just one trace of the transaction in question and that was in the accounting section, there was no was for me to check my back order or any status on it so I emailed support.

    2 Days later I recieve a reply notifying me that I need to join in order for me to grab expired domains. I found it quite difficult to comprehend how they could connect the two accounts on seperate sites but I obliged and signed up. By this stage I was quite annoyed as the domain was about to drop and I had no information regarding my back order other than the payment on registerfly. Alas, the domain dropped and not a word from registerfly or expirefly whom I paid around $15 dollars each to because I really wanted this domain.

    I wouldent recommend these services to anybody, hell, i'd go further than that and tell you all to stay well clear because they'll just steal your money. I've just browsed through several similar "horror" stories on google about this atrocious business setup. To date (3 weeks later) I havent recieved so much as a reply regarding the funds and I dare not chargeback because of the domains I hold with them.

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    so many horror stories about expiredfly, never catch anything and the domain get free for days without a notice...
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