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    Talking Dedicated word (synonyms)

    hi guys ,

    actually i'm writing tuff technial report in my university

    about ATM

    During my writing and my trails to Paraphrase some technical

    words, i found it tuff to Paraphrase ( dedicated telephone

    line ) to an other sentence

    i'm glad if some body help me to find (dedicated) synonym

    which make me ill

    by the way , i have tried this sentence but i think its wrong

    espicially my instructor is british

    ( unique telephone line ) ?

    waiting ur response

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    also i will be happy if somebody try to Paraphrase this sentense which is in my original source

    ( Leased-line ATMs are preferred for very high-volume locations
    because of their thru-put capability )

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    is that difficault for you also ?

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