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    Quick Sale. Great Items. CHEAPEST PRICES!

    Hey, back again. I really need to sell this, I hate having stuff on my computer and not using it when it could be put to a good cause. So I'm trying to sell this stuff dirt cheap, even some stuff I spent hours upon hours working on. Not going to make a long professional thread, just don't have the time. Only PSD's, no coding involved.






    You won't see these prices again. Please no PM's / posts with lower bids. I will set those as buy it now prices, only going to a higher bid if a person makes one within 10 minutes of your post. All payments made through paypal, I'm am a verified member with an account for over a year.

    If interested, contact me,

    AIM - gdu
    MSN - [email protected]

    Best Regards,
    Trevor Pearson

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    very nice designs & great prices... shouldn't have any problems selling.

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    Thanks a bunch. Just hope they can go quick.

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    Very nice work good luck with your sales.
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    Thanks a bunch, seems as if no one is interested though. . Prices cut in half?

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