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    Looking to sell webdesign. Will become affiliate.

    Hi WHT!,
    I find myself on the computer a lot and am interested in selling web design through a firm. Just PM me what percentage of the sale you'll give me and I'll AIM/MSN/PM you back. Please post with any questions.

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    hi there,

    We clould offer you 20% of the sale if you just get the lead and we do the rest

    But if you get invoved with the selling and the delivery process you can get upto 30% of the sales value.

    Let me know what you think

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    I don't mind selling/delivery process at all. Do you have a AIM/MSN/Yahoo account?

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    I can offer 30% as well.

    Just talk to me via IM.

    aim: dicetomato
    msn: dicethattomato [at]

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    dicetomato, I have IM'ed you.

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    contact me at aim - bdwarr6
    i have an offer youll love
    Nick Rose | BudgetVM
    BudgetVM Xen VPS with Solus
    Asia and Europe Hosting Specialists
    LA to Asia <150MS | Amsterdam within Europe <60MS

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    I would like to discuss this offer with you as well.

    Please use the contact information in my signature and portfolio to contact me. At which point we can discuss percentages.

    e-mail: [email protected]
    AIM: JBlade00, MSN: [email protected]

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    Hi there,
    you can send email to me on the email in signature to discuss further.


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    I have a few services that are perfect for remote sales. I have built in commissions on each sale that go up to around 35% depending on the package.

    please contact me on AIM: mikevifquain

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