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    Swiss PostFinance closing foreign accounts?!

    Just heard that Swiss Post/PostFinance bank closing all foreign (non-Swiss residents) accounts. Something like they are changing their business policy. Anyone knows anything official?!

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    Letter receveid

    Thank you for your interest in a Yellow Account.
    Postfinance is primarily a nation-wide provider of financial services which focuses on the Swiss market and those of neighbouring countries. For business-policy reasons, we don`t offer our services beyond these geographical limits and
    are therefore unable to open an account for you.

    We regret that we cannot give you a more positive answer.

    We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Yours sincerely,

    Werner Zweifel
    Account Manager

    Die Schweizerische Post
    Distribution Geschäftskunden
    Molliserstrasse 41
    8759 Netstal

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    Your info is correct, but there are some other bank where you can have bank account in Switzerland.
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    In generally you can open account in almost any Swiss bank, which depends on your nationality, but, a personal visit will most likely be required and minimum deposits as well (up to 500K USD).
    The one which is most often used for foreign customers is UBS (
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    swissquote bank account

    I recently opened an account with swissquote bank and i'm planing to link this account with a swiss paypal account, the account was opened in less then two weeks and it has several advantages, it's a multicurrency account and you see three balances each one has a single IBAN account number that you can use to make and receive payments, it has a swift code: SWQBCHZZXXX and it also offers secure credit cards with a spending limit up to 20,000 USD, those cards are real credit cards not maestro or electron, there is no minimum opening deposit or minimum balance with this account only a certified copy of your passport is required, you get interests on the funds that you keep in the account if you keep it in GBP it's 1,22%. this account is helpful if you plan to work with european affiliates or you have european customers because it can use the IBAN system which is quite famous in europe, it's also a good alternative to U.S accounts from e-trade where it's a question of time before they close all non-residents accounts due to a "change of policy". I didin't linked this account to paypal yet and will keep you informed about the process.

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    Can anibody provide more info about swissquote? I would like to know if it is possible to receive on it wire transfers from google adsense.
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    Swiss PostFinance is indeed closing down non domestic accounts. However I know that some are not effected who has a very high balance there.

    I think they are consolidating their portfolio and trying to avoid low balance accounts.

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