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    Fortunecity changes

    Last year i purchased an Advanced web hosting plan from Fortuncity for $29.99 month, at the time they offered 100GB transfer a month which has now been upgraded to 120GB a month, im looking at purchasing the advanced package again but now it offers only 60GB transfer a month, is this quite common and basically a case of getting in there and buying while the package offers more, or can anyone see any obvious improvements that fortunecity have made to the package that would make up for the less transfer now offered in the package.

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    They might have upgraded their bandwidth carriers - more expensive bandwidth, etc.

    I would imagine that they have frozen the prices/resources of the plan you signed up for, but changing product offerings is not uncommon., a Digitally Justified Company
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    Thanks VanHost, it makes sense that they would do that after the recent upgrade that they went through, thanks for your feedback i appreciate it.

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