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    Changed Site IP, inaccessible in locations


    Just moved a site off the main server IP to a dedicated. When trying to connect
    to the site from different locations, receiving: the Default cPanel page: 'There is no
    website configured at this address'

    How can I correct this so it redirect's temporary to the new IP

    DNS: (new IP)
    ns1 (new IP)
    ns2 (old IP)

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    I don't think you could as it's a propogation thingy.

    It would be nice to know if someone could tell me you could.

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    You shouldn't have ns1 and ns2 putting out different IP addresses for your site. They should both be set to the new IP. You could resetup the site on the old server and have a PHP or Perl script pass visitors to the new site during the propagation period. Forward requests to the new server's IP address or server address such as:

    If you need help with the PHP script, let me know and I"ll paste an example.

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    Seems to have gone through quite quick on my ISP usually around a day for me,
    but 15min's - ill leave it yes ns1 was set to the new IP.

    Thanks for the help much appreciated

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