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    Purchase of template question

    A while ago i purchased an agreement with a company to link my site to thier database, now i wanna take out a second agreement with them, to purchase one of thier Template sites, they update the sites content regular for the customers to purchase, all i have to do is choose my domain and create a header, do i buy a host package for this template to be placed?
    Im guessing that even though they do the template updating i still require the host package for the site?
    Any advice please will be appreciated.

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    Technically yes - unless they handle the hosting for it but highly doubtful.

    So yes - you'll need hosting.
    Do your research ahead of time and save yourself hassles down the road (so research each host you're considering thoroughly).
    Web hosting by Fused For businesses with more important things to do than worry about their hosting.

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    Hi HP-David, thanks for replying, im still new to the whole website building and webhosting world so at times it can become slightly confusing, thanks for the advice HP-David its helpful to me.

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