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    Talking [urgent help!]Need a good hosting for my site and some other questions - SIMPLE HELP


    I need some serious help! I thought of making a real large forums for pc help and technical support! but this lands me up here for technical support... lol... i knw!

    First... check the site or alternative
    Now im hosting this on my friends computer... cud any1 recommend me a good and cheap web hosting site for the contents of this site?

    Cud any1 give me ideas and tell me the reason why no1 comes to my site? Why my site does not run good...i just launched it a month ago. Do you have any suggestions for my site?

    Cud any1 suggest me a good domain name? All the one's i want are taken!

    PLs reply by posting back! its urgent.....

    thx in advance

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    Hosting companies can't directly give you an offer. However if you look around here and use the search feature you will be off to a good start. You need to be careful with cheap hosting. What is your budget ? How much space do you think you'll need ? Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    You should look for the available domains on sites like or as they offer very good feature to search expired domains or new domains with specific keywords.

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    If it's just a forum you will need a reasonable amount of diskspace, and a good chunk of bandwidth - when you're starting out, as nobody is using you, you will have very little bandwidth usage. Look for a host where you can start out small and upgrade as you grow.

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    its urgent.....
    No, it isn't.

    And isn't 'cud' something a cow chews?

    Perhaps you mean 'could' ?


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    well i wud say.. yeh i found a couple of hosts like & cud any1 tell which1 wud be better for me?

    well.. and pls help! i dont knw how to get about bringing users to the site

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    If you need help....

    Tell us your requirements, budget, space, bandwidth, location, control panel

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    Now in order to look for a host you will have to either look around in the advertisement forum where you will find plenty full of offers or place a quote request. The hosts will contact you according to the needs that you have stated. The follownig is the link:-

    Another thing comes is to get a perfect domain name. If the domain name that you want is not available then you will have to go for some other domain or wait for a perfect domain to expire and place a bid for it.

    The last thing comes is increasing the traffic for your web-site. This can be done by you either by submitting your web-site to search engines or working some other marketing stuff. This will includes campaigns like (PPC Pay Per Click)

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    I wish you luck on the search for a host, but I'd like to add a few comments regarding your website and promotion.

    To start off, no forum instantly becomes popular. Infact, almost no forums become popular without hours of blood sweat and tears daily, or just pure luck. You need to affiliate with different sites and offer something unique.

    Secondly, your forum is more than 100% in width on a 1024 by 768 resolution, this needs to be fixed up.

    And finally, your site will never be taken seriously without a proper domain. This will sound harsh, but in my years of webmaster experience, this has turned out to be the case time and time again.

    Good luck with your site, and remember, why should users go to your computer support forum, when there's loads of bigger tech support communities highly available where they'll get a better response? This is why you need to keep disccussion alive and make a few controversial topics to draw people into registering to add their opinion.
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    thx is there anything else my site lacks?

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