My name is Dominic Benoit and I'm the co-owner of SleekSkins. We are currently looking to hire a new vBulletin coder that can take on coding jobs for us. Our current coder has to concentrate on other stuff for a couple of weeks so we need some one as soon a spossible.

- vBulletin coding experience
- MSN Messenger
- Can meet tight deadlines
- Solid portfolio
- Must be mature
- Has to be extremely reliable
- Can receive Paypal payments
- IPB coding experience is a plus

We use MSN Messenger to discuss between staff members which is why it is required to have it. We are sometimes confronted to extremely tight deadlines, we need someone who can work fast and well to meet those deadlines. Candidates must be reliable, which means not disappear for 2 weeks without noticing anyone. Maturity is of course very important, I don't want to deal with little kids. All payments are made using Paypal, you need to have a paypal adress setup to get the job.

Job Details:
The person who will be hired will be given coding jobs for a period of at least 1 month, it can be more depending when our usual coder will be able to come back fully. This could become a long-term job if we happen to have enough work to be hiring two coders.

The coding jobs we currently have pay from $100 to $300, you have to be ready to work within the client's budget. All payments will be made through PayPal, you must have an account already setup when applying.

How To Apply:
If you are interested in this position, please send your application by email to contact[at]sleekskins[dot]com. Applications received by PM or any IM system will be ignored, only emails will be considered. I do not want anyone adding me to MSN, AIM or Y!M to apply, if you have any questions send them to the email adress mentionned previously.

Your application should contain:
  • Full name
  • Valid email adress
  • MSN Messenger adress
  • Link to your portfolio
  • A small description of yourself (experience, skills, etc.)

We are looking to hire someone as soon as possible, only experienced and skilled vB coders should apply. If you have any questions regarding this position don't hesitate and contact us at contact[at]sleekskins[dot]com and we will answer in the shortest delay possible.

Dominic Benoit