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    VSP or Dedicated Server.

    Hi guys

    Its only been my first day on here but i tell you everyones been so helpfull and thank you for all your responses.

    I have a questions. Well its more of a confusion.

    im limited on budget.

    I need to run a few JSP software on a server. i was hoping to buy a dedicated server and put all my jsp software and php software on them

    Im not sure if i can run JSP on the same server as it need tomcat 4 before running it.

    Am i able to installed a CMS system which runs in jsp

    and also on the same server installed ecommerce website.

    About 10 ecommerce website will be installed and about 30 php directory software.

    Is this possible,, Or would you advise i get one server and one VSP account. Seen some cheap VSP accounts and not sure if they are any good can someone recomend me some VSP providers who are good but also cheap.


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    It is VPS (Virtual Private Server) and not VSP

    If what you have is very CPU Intensive which I believe it is so, you be better off with a dedicated server.

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    There are plenty of good VPS out there, if you're looking for a good one, with great service you should expect to pay 50$ or more for a decent one.

    There's a VPS section in WHT, maybe you should take a look there!


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    If you're limited on a budget, and it sounds from your wording that you're new to the game, I'd recommend a *fully* managed VPS solution for you. Have a look at the VPS section, research the reviews here, and make your decision from there. If you don't have the budget to go fully managed dedicated, and you're unfamiliar with hosting and server management, it's a rude awakening when something breaks and you're stressed about getting your business back online. Learn to play around with a server at home, break it all you can, and learn to fix it, that's the best route for you I would think.

    Good luck,

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    It all depends upon your budget and how well can you manage things is all that your budget can determine. But if all the scripts are load consuming then it is always better to go off with the dedicated server rather than the VPS.

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    Personally I don't think it is a good idea running JSP/Tomcat on a VPS. VPS has its purpose but not for everything.

    If you are new to server admin, you should consider a reseller (multi-domain) account that supports JSP/Tomcat. This option will let your provider worry about server admin with JSP/Tomcat. The last time a friend of mine check with Idologic, their reseller account can opt for JSP.

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    I tried to look arround for some hosting providers on JSP/Tomcat could not find much and some limit the use by only prviding either small hard disk space or limited sql database.

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    Depends on the e-commerce sites and php directories. You have first to consult your would-be VPS provider would s/he allow for your scripts to be run on a VDS. For instance, you need only one Amazon affiliated site to swallow your memory and CPU resources when indexed by bots.
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    Originally posted by efarmer
    Personally I don't think it is a good idea running JSP/Tomcat on a VPS. VPS has its purpose but not for everything.
    A decent VPS should be able to handle a JSP/Tomcat, be prepared to spend at least $50/m though.

    I would go entry-level dedicated server. I think Plesk has inbuilt JSP support, which would be a bonus.

    going for a managed might also a good choice

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