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    Review please


    It has been some months now and the site has gone through some changes. Please review and let me what you think about it.


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    Firstly, there's nothing terribly wrong with your design. It's clean, and relatively easy to navigate.

    However ... you're selling sportswear. So IMHO the whole design will be a lot better if it's bold and bright. At the moment it's calm and modest -- not the image you should aim for.

    You have a great name. What about having some hip-hop comic character kicking his extravagant wear right at the screen as the logo? (Stuff like that. Just a thought.)

    Good luck.

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    I also think you need something more sporty. Maybe a nice sport pic on top.

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    Yeah, the shoes on the site and all are nice, and the colors are cool. I just think added something around the site to make it more interactive would be nice. It would make users a bit more comfortable when they are shopping.

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