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    EZ Logwatch Q :: Unmatched Entries

    'sup with this entry from Logwatch?
    --------------------- Named Begin ------------------------
    **Unmatched Entries**
       client error sending response: invalid file: 1 Time(s)
       internal_send: Invalid argument: 1 Time(s)
       socket.c:1100: unexpected error:: 1 Time(s)
    ---------------------- Named End -------------------------
    That IP traces to
    Network Whois record
    Queried with "!NET-198-6-32-0-1"...
    OrgName:    Symantec Corporation 
    OrgID:      SYMN
    Address:    20330 Stevens Creek Blvd
    City:       Cupertino
    StateProv:  CA
    PostalCode: 95014
    Country:    US
    NetRange: -
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    From the looks of it, the Symantic DNS server set your DNS server a bad resonse, and it looks like either it was a malformed packet or the connection died.

    The '**Unmatched Entries**' bit isn't a problem - all my messages about named from LogWatch come with that line (bad zone transfers, zone loads, etc.).
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