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    URGENT - Need a custom php Order Form and Enquiry Form

    I need a custom order form coded in php which can perform the following :

    1. All the necessary fields for customer to fill in (E.g. Domain name, Full Name, Address, Email Address, Contact Number, Hosting Plans, etc etc)

    2. Upon submission, a detailed report will be emailed to us and to the customer.

    3. The detail reports that is emailed to us and the customer MUST have a tracking number. The tracking number will increase with each order.

    I need the order form and enquiry form urgently. Please PM me with your asking price if you are interested. Thank you very much !

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    Hi, I can take care of this.
    Feel free to contact me.

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    Hi there,

    Let me know if this still needs to be done. It will be glad to to get this done asap


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