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    Question Redirect*.swf to other domain

    I am having excesive bandwidth problems for one of my sites, going above the 1000GB monthly bandwidth limit I have, very expensive. So while I search for a new host I want to share part of it's bandwidth with another server I have.

    What I want to do is that images and swf to be served by another domain:
    When the page asks for (example):
    I want it to fetch it at:

    There are hundreds of static html pages that I would have to change in order to properly do this, plus, it's only temporal while I search for a better solution so I cant edit all my hundreds of html pages to show another url.

    I believe this should be possible to be done with .htaccess, searching I found some scripts but not exactly what I want.
    Can someone help me, please?


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    You're looking for Redirect (possibly RedirectMatch) and 302 (temporary moved file). .htaccess would be where you would make changes.
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    Just wanted to reply with a thanks and an update on what I did in case someone else searches on this in the future.

    Edited site root ".htaccess" file to say:
    Redirect /images/

    And that did it.

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