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    Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    P4 3.0/1024 MB Dutch (Europe) Dedicated: EUR 139.00 monthly (NO setup)

    Because of one of our clients cancelled his server, we have the following server available:

    - Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz, 800 MHz FSB
    - 1024 MB DDR400 RAM (Dual Channel)
    - 250.000 MB bandwidth monthly
    - 1x36 GB 10.000 rpm HDD
    - 1x80 GB 7200 rpm HDD
    - Linux or FreeBSD pre-installed
    - Traffic statistics per IP addresses
    - Max. 8 free IP Addresses
    - Access to remote reboot switch

    Setup fee: FREE!
    Monthly fee: EUR 139.00

    We can add the DirectAdmin control panel for free. We prefer FreeBSD as OS for DirectAdmin.

    We are located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Our datacenter has multiple fast connections to the Dutch, Belgium and German Internet eXchanges. Also, our transit providers include Level3, KPN, Iparix and Cable&Wireless.

    For a traceroute, you can use:
    For a download test, you can use:

    Payment is possible by PayPal, Credit Card and bank (we prefer PayPal).

    If you are interested or if you have any questions (for example if you'd like a reverse traceroute), don't hesitate to send me an e-mail at [email protected]

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    irc allowed?
    ddos protection?
    How much for extra ips?
    come with 250GB bandwidth ?


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    Rotterdam, the Netherlands
    IRC is partly allowed. As long as you do not receive any DDoS attacks caused by IRC applications, it is no problem to run IRC applications. To ensure stability of our network for other clients, all servers with DDoS attacks caused by IRC Applications are disconnected.

    We can firewall DDoS attacks, but by default there is no DDoS protection enabled. In our opinion we should not firewall or traffic shape anything, since this most of the time is only necessary for "shell" providers, which we are not.

    Extra IP's are available for free within reason. Extra IP's needed because of DNS spam are not allowed.

    Server includes 250 GB bandwidth monthly.

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