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Thread: Paypal problem

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    Paypal problem


    3 days ago I used paypal for my first time(and the last one).

    When I was trying to send the money for an eBay item, I received an error saying that my payment couldnt be completed because my credit card had been denied by my credit card issuer.

    I use this credit card for buying


    Then I see the bank account and I see they have billed me the amount that I was trying to send.(~ 70 dollars).

    I have written 5 messages to support, but I havent received any reply yet.

    Any ideas ?

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    did you get a receipt e-mailed to you by paypal ?

    Give them a call

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    Originally posted by Deefer
    did you get a receipt e-mailed to you by paypal ?

    Because I received the error message, but I was billed.

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    Most likely what you're seeing is the authorization test, not the actual transaction. When you punch in your CC, and attempt to charge something it goes through a period of authorization. It'll look like it was charged, and the funds are debited from your account, however about 5-7 days later after the transaction get's declined, fails ... etc the funds are then placed back in your account.

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    I hope

    But paypal support is poor... 0 responses from 6 messages.

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    If nothing happens, call VISA and issue a chargeback
    Dan Sheppard ~ Freelance whatever

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    Paypal.. eurk..

    should stay as far as you can from them! is much better


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    PayPal is great, I would think that many people here transfer as much money as I do on a regular basis, and I'm sure they love how quick and easy it is.

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    I like it, but it can be a hassel. Like right now when it won't accept my new bank account information.

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