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    having 2 paypal accounts

    does paypal allow having 2 account with them?

    say 1 business account and 1 free one.

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    Yes you can have 1 business account and 1 personal account. The only thing is that you need to have seperate credit cards to confirm each account
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    Well i'm using the free acount without a credit card registered to it. Guess i will have to, if i want to get some cash out.

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    I find it very convenient to be able to do direct deposit and load banking information personally.

    Also, even with a personal account you can load multiple e-mail addresses. If your intent is to have different "faces" for contributions or deposits of funds you can go into your Paypal account and add other e-mails that, if somebody adds funds for that e-mail, will go into your account.
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    yeah i know about haveing more then one email address on an account. but the reason i might be considering 2 accounts is because on bussines account paypal charge for each transaction. which would be fine for the a business, but if i upgrade my personal account to bussiness. then i would be paying for even small personal transactions.

    as far as i know paypal charge for all payments recieved on a business account. even if the payment wasn't a cc transaction.. am i correct?

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