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    * P4 3.2 GHZ Dedicated $109 per month

    P4 3.2E GHZ Hyperthreading Enabled
    1 MB L2 Cache!
    1 GB Ram(PC3200 Premium)
    200 GB SATA Hard Drive(1.5 times as fast as IDE)


    2 DNS Only VPS Servers
    50 GB FTP / RSYNC Backup
    Upgrade to 250 GB SATA Hard Drive
    60 second monitering and response for up to 25 services
    Direct Admin Control Panel
    Note: We will Contact You to find out which upgrades you would like


    Any Operation System You would Like (We usually recommend Fedora)
    Control Panel Of Your Chioce


    Multiple OC48 Connections or beter
    1000 GB Multihomed Bandwidth
    8 I.P.

    Control Panel Information:
    cPanel: $20 per month (just on this server)
    DirectAdmin: $99 one time (just on this server)
    Windows 2003 Standard $25 (limited availability usually more)
    Webmin Free (on all servers)

    If you have any questions please e-mail us at sales [at] zanadoo dot com

    All of our servers are located in San Diego, CA and are connected to 10mbps or 100mbps ports on a backbone of the following providers: Level(3), MCI, Verio, Qwest and XO and more with at least oc-48 connections or better.

    IRC Is allowed however you will be responsible for all related bandwidth costs.

    Zanadoo provides the highest quality server hardware and network at a competitive price. If you need a reliable dedicated server on a fast network Zanadoo is the place to go.

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    got a test ip i can ping?

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    Yes, You can ping

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    Is fantastico included with CPanel?

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    Fantastico is not included with cPanel but you can choose it as one of the free upgrades if you would like.

  6. check ur email

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    We have respnded to your e-mail.

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    Are this servers managed or unmanaged ? Hosting Provider
    Dedicated Servers, Co-Location, Reseller, Vps
    [email protected] , Houston-USA DC, Krakow-Poland DC

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    Hi Tom,

    We use the term unmanaged, however our tech support can usually help you with almost everything you need. We provide more support than alot of managed providers. The only way for us to be sucessful is when our customers are so we will do everything in our power to help you.

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    I checked your offer, is really good.
    Do you have some other machines ?
    Can i get some info about DC, and connection ?
    Mayby you can provided IP to test ?

    Thank you
    Tom Hosting Provider
    Dedicated Servers, Co-Location, Reseller, Vps
    [email protected] , Houston-USA DC, Krakow-Poland DC

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    Uptime SLA ?

    Which OS I can use ? CentOS 3.4 , 4.0 ?

  12. I just ordered from them, excellent service, their bandwidth providers are good, I'll fill you in on more details when I get it up and going!

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    We are currently getting your server up right now. We hope we can keep you as our customer for a long time.


    We offer a 99% network uptime guarantee, however our network is designed for 100% uptime. We can install any operating system that you like.


    We do have other machines if you would like to get one. You can ping or

    The data center features multiple oc-48 or better connections from the top bandwidth providers (currently 7) with dual Cisco 12000(GSR) Gigabit Service Routers. The data center also has redundant electrical systems and backup generators.

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