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Thread: Grr @ Awstats

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    Grr @ Awstats

    Well, I have absoloutely no idea why the hell my Awstats ALWAYS does this. Over the past 3 years I have moved the site onto 3 new servers, and it always seems to do this once a month.

    It just literally stops logging. Nothing is counted. I read that somtiems logs stop at high loads on server. Well, the load has been low all day and it just stopped in front of me then at just .80

    I don't know why the hell it does that. Just lierally stops, I have tried running:

    /scripts/runweblogs user
    But it doesn't work. Now for the next 1-2 weeks, if it is the same as usual, my stats don't count log so I am left with 2 blank weeks in my logs.

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    Mine do they same, I have no idea why. Right now mine are blank from the 16 on.

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    I also had this last month, and it missed the last 7 days. I am watching to see what happens this month.

    Are you using ver6.4?


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    I guess no one has a fix for it :/

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