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    Counterfeit MINI Coopers

    The Counter Counterfeit Commission is an independent, bipartisan organization with the tireless mission of countering counterfeits and protecting you from being duped and disappointed. For some time now, the CCC has been combating the criminal element responsible for knock-off goods ranging from watches to sunglasses to little porcelain figurines. But last year, the decision was made to shift our efforts and focus solely on the newest and most atrocious kind of deception: counterfeit MINI Coopers.
    We are dedicated to protecting and educating the public about this growing epidemic. To learn more, CLICK HERE

    A genuine MINI is small. A proven method of verifying a MINIs authenticity is by making sure the vehicle is not, in fact, huge.

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    they had an ad on TV, some of the stuff was a real hoot.

    I don't know where they get the money from, but I think it much be the make the world laugh commission or something!

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