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    Im running a medium E-commerce web site

    Good day,

    Im running a meduim web site that offers online sales, auctions, payment gateway, ..etc

    I want a fully managed server (Secured and Uptime 98% at least) with 7/24/365 fast support.

    kindly I need you advice and reviews.

    Do you advice me to go for a dedicated server from a company and the server management/backup from another company? or its better to go for a fully managed server from one company?

    can you suggest some solutions and companies for:

    fully managed servers
    server management
    backup services


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    In an utopic world, it would be good to have everything under one roof.

    The reality of the matter is that by having a fully managed system from one source would limit your choices to a small handful. The prices for such a solution tends to be more expensive and system specification quite limited. Of course if you are willing to pay top dollar then that is no issue all together.

    Check with each web host on what their definition of 'fully managed' is. There is no industry standard and each would include a bunch of common tasks or what is extra that the other hosts would provide. So you need to check with them what they would do or not do.

    Personally, I think it would be optimum to have the backup hosted outside the web host, just in case there is something which cause the web host to varnish or you decide to move to a new provider, you would have something to go back on.

    I find that 3rd party managed services tends to be more responsive and gives you a better value for your buck. Besides it enlarge the scope of your search of good datacenter and web hosts. You can select the best of all the 3 services and have them work together.

    That's what I'll do.

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    Thanks for your advice

    actually I will go for Linux/MySQL server.
    Budget depends on the specifications, but I will start with medium specifications then I will upgrade it on my needs.

    For that Im asking for an advice advice me, what to go for?
    an idea in mind its to get a dedicated server from a very good DC and to get the server managment and backup from another company or two companies.

    kindly give me the best solution to run this business and give me names for those companies

    I've tried lots of hosting providers, last one was DINIX which is out of market now for unknown reasons!

    thanks and sorry for my bad english

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    For Server Management, I used in the past and they are good.

    For Backup, currently I am using . There is also

    For Server, there are quite a number of good ones around

    There are definitely more around. But before you commit to anything, do a search and see what anyone has to say based on the past review.

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    Server Management is a must if you have no linux history I have heard was good.

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    Thanks again eddy and blahrus

    I guess i have good idea about the server managment and server backup companies

    now what I need is to find the best company that provides me the dedicated server

    what do you think about:


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    Originally posted by tender_heart
    now what I need is to find the best company that provides me the dedicated server

    what do you think about: is's more affordable "entry level" division. And from all accounts I've heard, they're absolutely the best (especially their network).

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    For managed servers take a look at: (Highly Recommend.) (Highly Recommend.) (No experience with them.) (No experience with them.)

    Sign up with someone you are comfortable with - send some sales emails in, get a feel for the staff that you'll be working with to manage your server, and follow your instincts Remember, the "cheapest" provider is not always the "best" provider.

    Brendan Diaz

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    I've contacted
    they replied me that all their servers are fully managed.
    If I signed up with them do I need to sign up with other server managment company?

    In mind now 2 solutions:

    ---> Liquid web (fully managed)
    ---> + server managment company + backup services company

    what do you think?


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    Quite a lot of managed server provide would say theirs is fully managed but you have to have them provide you the complete definition of that because it varies from provider to provider.

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    My top 3 suggestions are...

    LiquidWeb - they are fully managed + you get the PSP =P
    RackSpace - one of the undisputed champs of managed hosting, but with that title comes a hefty price
    FastServers + their Defcon service - Quality network + inhouse tech managment but againt a higher price for the quality

    Personally if you can afford it I would suggest Rackspace for their network (they claim no downtime in 4 years) + the quality of their personel (just give them a call and speak to their sales dept and youll hear the difference)

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