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    LayeredTech Down?

    Our server is not responding to Ping and the trace seems to show some issues. Is anyone else having issues?

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    We're on LT and the server is up & running, no probs.

    Just a note, your website works just fine. Not sure if you're referring to this website or not though.

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    Yes, the website is hosted at The Planet. We put up a box with LT for testing purposes. Seems to be having routing issues.

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    Server is now responding to ping and is functioning. Definitely a network issue.

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    They blocked syn and ICMP ports... Maybe they are getting DDoS attacked?

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    No DoS attacks or reported network issues and no we do not block ICMP or SYN that would be something setup on a localhost firewall. Please contact our support team and submit a traceroute for further assistance.

    Please see here for more details on the information we will need.



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