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    120 Review please


    I have just recently got a new design made for my site A few things are still being implemented but the design is complete.

    Please send me your comments and suggestions regarding the design and general functionality.

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    Not Sure... Nice Layout

    Maybe it's alittle too cramped in the middle of the page?
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    I really like the design, but like IH-Dave said, its a little too busy in the middle.

    Apart from that, good job!

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    I think it's a great design. Your color combination is very nice, you put attention on the right things and so on.

    I have to second the opinion about the crowded area.

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    I like the overall look of the site. Colors and layout are simple and clean.

    The only suggestion would be to fix the right side. That section is too cramped like mentioned in another reply.

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