Earn $100's per month w/ credit card offers turnkey script/website - CardBusters.com

We have developed from scratch a very user friendly credit card offers website. It has everything you need to setup a profitable business making money ($10-$50 per approved application) from people signing up for credit cards. Easy to use admin panel is included as well as help setting up your free affiliate account. The admin panel allows you full control over each listing, card picture, link and text. The site comes already setup with 50 of the best hand picked offers from two affiliate companies.

Everyone these days has credit and always looking for more.

A demo of a completed website is setup at http://cardbusters.com

CardBusters.com makes money from users applying for credit cards. Each ad has a link to apply for the offer listed. Once someone is approved, you can make from $10-$50 per application that is accepted. This adds up quite fast. In addition to these ads is areas on the side columns to put special targeted ads. We have already added Google Adsense ads which have very high targeted ppc ads. If you do not already know, one of the most respected and high paying ways you can make money is through Google Adsense. Credit cards are one of the most high paying types of sites. You can easily make money from this simple method. Also included is a rotating ad banner which is dead center on the homepage.

The site is very easy to edit the different areas. Each section has a specific HTML with a PHP backend. You never have to touch the PHP side as we give you easy HTML to edit. But other thank changing the links there is not much needed to start making money. All that is needed is to advertise. All the hard work is done!

So to review... how to make money? Credit Card offers, Google Adsense, Banner links and any other ads you can sell. Many different ways to make money.

We are selling turnkey sites for $300 per domain, with cardbusters.com available for $350 since we have spent on advertising. Check around and you will see that this is a low price for the quality of this site.

Please contact us for more details, questions or comments.