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    Clean, Professional Hosting Design
    You'll Receive:

    Reseller Rights
    Full Rights
    Exclusive Rights
    Unique, will only be sold once
    Payment via paypal
    Contact me:

    Aim: WearGreen
    Looking for offers, don't really have a set price. So come at me with one, make it reasonable.

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    Very nice - should get $150+ IMO
    Take this as constructive criticism - the design doesn't fit on anything less than 1024*768 which isn't a massive issue, it just caught my eye.

    Good luck

    Steven Billings
    2UK2 - Local Solutions, World Wide Potential

    First-Rate Support, Stupendous Prices, Remarkable Uptime

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    I made the design 900x800 pixels. Thanks for catching that and I'll try to get it to work. Btw: my Aim: WearGreenPlz not WearGreen.

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