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    Looking for 2 VPS's for $40-$45/month


    I'm looking for 2 VPS's @ $40-$45/month combined.

    I currently have 5 VPS's with the following specs:
    32MB Ram
    3 GB diskspace
    32 GB Transfer
    1 IP

    I'm looking for a new hosting company that can offer the following:
    Debian Sarge & Woody O/S
    128 MB Ram
    1-3 GB Diskspace
    1-5 GB Transfer

    I need the total of 3 IPS, Debian Woody on one box, and Debian Sarge on the other. The box with Sarge needs the 2 IPs.

    I'm the only person using this account, i'm just developing some software, but I need better performance to test things more accurately.

    Could anybody recommend a good host? I don't think my requirements are that unreasonable. Disk space and data transfer are not that big of a requirement, i just need processing power... part of the day


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    I never used a VPS, but powerVPS and EV1 have great reputation.
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    Originally posted by edelweisshosting
    I never used a VPS, but powerVPS and EV1 have great reputation.
    Yeah, i'm actually working a deal with powervps right now to come back. I really enjoyed powervps. I only left because I needed quite a few vps's and couldn't afford them any longer. But now that I have my systems designed, I can go back to 2 vps's to finish up development.


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